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Two for One Part 3
Too many things occurred before Thomas’s brain registered that he was about to die.
First, the shot he fired to save Elise had missed big time.
Second, the grenade quite literally blew Elise to bits.
Third, the same gunman that just murdered her had set his sights on him.
Shock and terror had enveloped Thomas’s entire body. He couldn’t possibly process the second explosive that was now flying towards him. Nor could he register the sudden force pushing him to the ground. He did, however, hear an ear piercing explosion followed by a pained yell. Once sight came to him, an outstretched hand along with a splash of black entered his vision.
“Thanks for the 'assist' by the way.”
Thomas assumed that his eyes were playing tricks on him. He could have sworn that the same girl now standing in front of him had just became nothing but smoldering ash. The blast marks on the wall had been proof enough. There was no possible way that...Oh wait.
“You turned into wat
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Two for One Part 2
Elise secretly hated how excited she was when she discovered her first bank hold up.
A police barricade had surrounded the entrance of the New York National Bank. The new police radio on Elise’s phone had clued her in on the situation. Hostages, dozens of gunmen armed to the teeth, and surprisingly not a Meta-human in sight. She might actually pull this off.
One of the benefits of being the literal ocean had to be how easy it was to move from building to building. A column of water shot upward from Elise’s feet, shooting her forward from the rooftop. She had to resist the urge to scream with excitement as she felt the cool night air blow through her dyed hair. She landed on the bank’s roof with a silent thud, making her way to one of the air ducts in sight. She could easily have pried the vent open and crawled inside...but where was the fun in that?
Elise tossed herself into the duct, phasing through the vent itself. She transformed completely into a stream of water a
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Two for One Part 1
“Hey Dante, do you have anything that can intercept radio signals?”
“Top shelf, second gadget on your right.”

Elise wondered just how bored that boy could get. But then again, here she was on a rooftop, clad in black clothing, trying to pick up police signals on a satellite dish, using a machine that a narcoleptic teenager built in his spare time. That has to be a new low for her.
She had decided to follow through with Thomas’s dumb idea but in her own way of course. As much as she hated to admit it, New York wasn’t getting any safer. She had been witnessing that with her own eyes for years. Day after day, the news reports get much harsher. Every other story would be related to Meta-humans wreaking havoc as they please. If something wasn’t done, she wouldn’t be so sure as to how much longer she could live trying to be “normal”.
Fortunately for her, Dante’s gadget had definitely been designed
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Sparks Will Fly Part 3
Be a superhero I said.” Thomas growled. “It’ll be fun I said. When am I going to stop listening to myself??” Thomas stealthily tailed the two Meta-humans from the rooftops, occasionally having to take detours through the alleyways when he ran out of buildings. From what actually were minutes felt like hours. So much that it was causing Thomas to argue with himself.
The vigilante’s inner turmoil was interrupted as he finally reached a dead end. The car drove through an abandoned junkyard, forcing the teenager to follow them on foot.
“Oh I’m sure this is going to be loads of fun.” He said, knowing full well that he was going to regret those words for the second time that night.
Thomas creeped through the mountains of unused junk and debris. He’d never went into this place before, let alone this part of town. The eerie quietness had made him tense up. The shadows casted from the junk had made creepy l
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Sparks Will Fly Part 2
If you were Thomas Drake, you would know by now that the universe really like screwing you over in the most inconvenient of ways. Now was one of those times.
In his attempt to start off his superhero career, Thomas stopped a mugger from hurting a young boy to which he was thanked by having a police officer arrive on the scene and shoot him square in his hand. Perfect. At least he managed to give the cop the slip before he ended up with any more bullets where they shouldn’t be.
“...Ow...ow...ow.” from the privacy of a vacant rooftop, Thomas sat waiting for his powers to slowly (albeit painfully) heal the hole in his palm. His palm flickered with electricity, indicating that his powers were doing the trick but it still stung like a-
He gazed over the beautifully lit streets. Everything looked so peaceful. One would even assume that there were super powered whackjobs running amuck and wreaking havoc as they pleased. The feeling left a bittersweet taste in his mouth.
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Sparks Will Fly Part 1
To say that Thomas felt horrible was an understatement.
In his attempt to not get one of his closest friends mixed up in his insanely stupid idea, he instead directly insulted both her and her abilities. Chalk up another one for reasons why he shouldn’t let his mouth go on autopilot.
And now he’s stuck at square one. Elise is the artististic one! He’s witnessed her make beautiful graffiti art and murals while he can’t even make a stick figure with straight limbs. How is he gonna make a whole costume?
...Then again.
To say that Thomas felt horrible was an understatement.
In his attempt to not get one of his closest friends mixed up in his insanely stupid idea, he instead directly insulted both her and her abilities. Chalk up another one for reasons why he shouldn’t let his mouth go on autopilot.
And now he’s stuck at square one. Elise is the artististic one! He’s witnessed her make beautiful graffiti art and murals while he can’t even make
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Rising Tempest Part 3
Elise had returned to the dojo with the most determined face she could muster.
She didn’t know what to expect from her teacher after her shameful defeat the other day and that had her on edge. She was dressed in the karate gi she received but instead of a black belt, she wore a bright white starter belt. Elise had a feeling that a black belt was pushing her luck a bit after her that fight. As she entered the dojo’s doors, she was greeted by Sensei Sizu and, much to her chagrin, Donna whose inviting smile had still been glued to her face. Just as her gaze fell on the smiling girl, Elise felt her blood run cold.
“Hello Miss Elise!” Donna greeted.
She remained quiet but finally responded with a halfhearted ‘Hey’. Sizu’s aged eyes fell on the dark haired teen.
“Good afternoon my student,” his face became inquisitive as soon as he noticed the girl’s belt.
“I umm…figured that a black belt doesn’t exactly fit when y
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Thomas' Powers
Thomas's powers have a large influence on his body. His Metagene constantly generates bio-electrical energy, turning him into a walking power plant. The bio-electricity stimulates his nerves, enhancing his physical and mental strength thus giving him enhanced reflexes, strength, and durability. Since his body is electrically enhanced, he is immune to most electric attacks except for his own.
Thomas can only discharge the electricity his Metagene produces. If he does not, the buildup of energy drastically enhances his nervous system to its limits, causing his body to react on its own. In combat, this would result in him dodging or intercepting and acting completely outside of his control.
Thomas's bio-electricity enhances his senses to the point where he can pick up radio frequencies. He uses this mainly to eavesdrop on police frequencies, alerting him on any crimes in progress.
Thomas can regulate the output that his powers produce. His outputs can range from a bolt of lightning to the
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Rising Tempest Part 2
Elise had felt overwhelmed several times in her life. Now was one of those times.
She was now facing one of her old stomping grounds, Sensei Sizu’s Dojo of Self Defense. The girl had hoped that her old teacher could help jog some of her memory in karate and decided on visiting, but what she witnessed inside had been what looked like an intense training session between two students. The spar was supervised by an aged man in a standard karate gi. He was asian, seemingly in his late 60’s. His face showed signs of age and his hair was bright gray. A thin mustache was trimmed perfectly on his face and his thin beard reflected bright silver. His eyes bore years of wisdom. Upon seeing this man, Elise’s spirits lifted.
Yame!” Sensei Sizu instructed in Japanese.
At their teacher’s command, the students bowed and walked to their respective sides. Sizu’s gaze then directed to the girl.
“Elise, my young pupil!" The man's strict stare instantl
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That Time of Year Again
The coming end of the year was a time of self reflection. Throughout the entire 365 days since the year started, what have you accomplished? Did you finally start reading all that manga that your best friend recommended to you? How is your school progress looking? Did you lose those damn 5 pounds?
Those are the questions that you would've be asking yourself right now if you were Thomas J. Drake. But you're not and the real one is passed out on the ground next to a mountain of empty eggnog bottles.
Three teenagers loomed over the forlorn boy who was singing "A Holly Jolly Christmas" in between drunk chuckles and belches. "We literally can't leave you alone for 10 minutes." Daniel suddenly forgot that he even wanted any.
Dante honestly wondered why he was so surprised. "Did he seriously just drink 35 bottles of eggnog?"
Elise was already taking the video on her phone. "He broke a record this year."
It wasn't even Christmas yet.
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METAS headcanons
-Dante once held the world record high score on Dance Dance Revolution but lost it to someone with the initials M.O.
-Thomas cried after reading Jane Eyre
-Elise hates it when people call her by her full name because that's what her parents call her
-Dan once asked Thomas to teach him how to cook so that he could help his mother
-Elise secretly reads fanfiction and only Thomas knows about it
-Dante listens to hardcore gangsta rap and wouldn't tell a soul
-Dan plays League of Legends and always regrets it
-Elise was once in a band and played guitar for a few months
-Thomas once had a crush on his best friend, Zeke, but realized that Zeke didn't feel the same way (they're still best bros)
-Dan's Meta-human puppy is female
-Dante hates Pokemon
-Dante was the first person to grab Elise's boob. She didn't even care yet he apologized for a week
-Thomas always keeps a pack of Ramen and a bottle of water in his bag when he gets hungry (which is every hour and a half or so). He always uses his
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They sun gave Central Park a warming feeling. Taking advantage of the warm weather, Thomas and Elise decided that it would be a good idea to hang out on a nearby bench. Until...
"The seaweed is always greener..." Thomas perked up.
Elise stared at the boy confused, "Tommy?, what are you doing?"
"in somebody else's lake!"
"Tommy, no."
"You dream about going up there..."
"Seriously stop."
"But up there's a big mistake!"
"I'm walking away now, bye."
The girl got off the bench and began run-walking the path.
"Just look at the world around you..." But Thomas only followed, smirking like a total idiot.
"right here on the ocean floor!"
"I can and will flood your entire house."
"Such wonderful things around you, what more is you looking for?"
"A way to surgically remove your damn mouth?"
"You are the worst type of person..."
"Darling it's better, down where it's wetter..."
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Rising Tempest Part 1
Manhattan’s news reporters never failed to disappoint when it came Meta-human incidents.
Thomas’s encounter the other day had, undoubtedly, been documented as yet another reason why super powered beings are destroying the city. It’s all something he was used to hearing.
That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sick of it.
Weeks have passed since that day. After recently finding the ‘on’ switch to his abilities, the teenager had gotten the equal footing ground he needed to enter the fray. But first he needed to look the part.
Thomas was now rooting through his closet, searching for anything that could count as a costume. How the hell did Peter Parker manage to make a perfectly designed suit anyway? Unfortunately, his closet didn’t seem to comply with the outfit he had in mind…then again, he didn’t know exactly what he had in mind. This definitely called for someone with more ‘artistic’ capabilities.
“Say what n
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Irony at its finest
Night had rolled over New York as it always did.
It was another late night for Thomas, who had just did a late night run for extra groceries. Not wanting the trip to be boring, he had his trusty phone playing most of his favorite songs and soundtracks. He strolled down the now desolate sidewalks listening to one of his favorite 70's songs.
"Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive~"  he sang in tune with the music.
What he hadn't noticed was that a group of muggers just across the street saw the boy moving with the rhythm. Hoping for a big score just like all street rats did before going after their targets, the group had snuck over to him. Thomas had his eyes closed and didn't pay attention to one of the thugs going to stab him with a pocket knife.
Almost instantly, the boy twisted and elbowed the thug in the face, almost as if he saw the attack coming. But that wasn't the case. The teenager was oblivious to his surroundings,
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David and Goliath Part 3
Thomas groaned.
He was still against the broken wall in the alley way yet the giant gang member who was chasing him down seemed to be gone. How did he even do that? Steroids? Drugs? Was he another Meta-human? And who was that strange person with the glowing arm? All these questions buzzed around in his head and he didn't have anything powering his thought process at the moment.
The sky was completely gray. Thomas was met with a heavy downpour and booming thunder. A clear signal that if he didn't get home soon, his mother would freak. He fought to rise from the pavement but his wounds wouldn't let him. No surprise. His powers seemed to have their own kind of schedule for working. Almost as if on cue, the teenager felt a familiar tingling feeling within his stomach. The numbness he had in his back had quickly seemed to pass. After a few deep breaths, he managed to stand up, only to lean back against the wall behind him for support. Sighing, Thomas lifted his head towards the pouring clou
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Stupidity was always a regular part of Daniel’s day.
He, of course, had the misfortune of being led the docks as part of some video for Elise’s Vine account. Upon hearing the idea for the video, Thomas was completely on board (pun intended) and the other two boys didn’t exactly have any say in the matter either way.
“GET YOUR TOWELS READY, IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!” Elise shouted to the top of her lungs while Thomas and Dante started rapping about boats in auto tune.
The four stood on a docked boat all dressed in white sailor outfits with a radio blasting I’M ON A BOAT by The Lonely Island. Loud rapping and profanities could be heard from the other side of Manhattan while Dan had his face buried in his hands.
How did he keep getting dragged into these stupid videos anyway?
:iconshocksauce98:Shocksauce98 1 2

Random Favourites

What if Gumball was an anime (Removed Scenes) by Mikeinel What if Gumball was an anime (Removed Scenes) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 17,772 1,111 Seven of the Prophecy - Rule63 by juliajm15 Seven of the Prophecy - Rule63 :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 2,115 116 The Lost Hero Trio by juliajm15 The Lost Hero Trio :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 1,750 135 Frank Zhang by juliajm15 Frank Zhang :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 684 45 CBNS: Valentine Cards by 123soleil CBNS: Valentine Cards :icon123soleil:123soleil 220 49 God!Levi Ackerman by Emeiri God!Levi Ackerman :iconemeiri:Emeiri 30 2 Humanized Mane 6 by aNIGHTLYpony Humanized Mane 6 :iconanightlypony:aNIGHTLYpony 175 25 Ghost girl by Unichrome-uni Ghost girl :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 645 106 Ghost Girl looking at you by Domestic-hedgehog Ghost Girl looking at you :icondomestic-hedgehog:Domestic-hedgehog 195 59 You are what you drink by vaporotem You are what you drink :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 3,079 229 Tropical shirts by lauu7 Tropical shirts :iconlauu7:lauu7 133 15 Jasper doodle by BlackNina Jasper doodle :iconblacknina:BlackNina 131 19 Riptide by hamlinfly Riptide :iconhamlinfly:hamlinfly 159 15 and the river flows beneath your skin by lahteh and the river flows beneath your skin :iconlahteh:lahteh 158 6 Hazel and Nico by lahteh Hazel and Nico :iconlahteh:lahteh 288 22 Percy and Annabeth by lahteh Percy and Annabeth :iconlahteh:lahteh 135 3


Just blatantly stolen from :iconscottytheartist:

1. OC Name: 

(image done by the spectacular :icondream-piper: )

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.

3. Tag people to do this meme!

Oh yeah hey what's up
:iconactionkiddy: :icondream-piper:

1.What is your name ?

"Venus Williams. Actually wait no, I'm Diana Pierce. WAIT NO LISTEN, It's actually just Tommy for the moment because some genius thought it'd be a good idea to reboot my entire backstory, design, aesthetic, interests, the whole kit and kaboole and just about my entire sense of being that I have no control over for like the second time now. I've already lost my sense of identity what is life, what is this blasphemous existence we live in "

2.Do you know why you were named that ?

"Might have had something to do with the author being 11 and just slapping the first name that came to mind. It stuck I guess???"

3. Are you single or taken ?

"I haven't the slightest idea!"

4. Any Abilities or powers ?


"Yes I'm just casually Static Shock because all black people just have electric powers. It just happens B)"

6. What is your eye colour ?

"Yellow is still a color right?"

7. How about your hair colour ?

"Black is still a color rig-WAIT IT'S NOT ACTUALLY. IT'S THE ABSCENCE OF COLOR."

8. Have you got any family members ?

"My mom's alive and my dad isn't! We're both emotionally compromised!"

9. oh ? How about pets ?


10. That's cool , I guess. Now tell me something you don't like?

*Tommy just starts dancing for the next 2 hours*

11. Do you have any activities/ Hobbies you like to do ?

*Tommy continues dancing for about another 2 hours.*

12. Have you hurt anyone in anyway before ?

"I think the other red furry guy asked physically or verbally and that kinda applies to me too."

13. Ever...Killed anyone before ?

"Pssssssh nooooo! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha I've been laughing for too long ."

14. What kind of animal are you ?

"Is it too late to make me a dragon? Yeah? S**t, so I guess I'm human."

15. Name your worst habits?

"None!" *he says while shoving a metric ton of junk food out of frame*

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

"Weeeeeeeeeell. There's Ellie I guess who's pretty much the coolest, most awesome friend you could possibly think of because she's just a total badass like she's way too legit that Shock hasn't finished her design yet so yeah."

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual ?

"Ahahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahehahahahaHAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahmhmhmhmhmhmhmheheheheheheh *another gasp* haaaaaaa.

I'm sorry what was the question again?"

18. Do you go to school ?

"Assuming I'm still under 18?"

19. Ever wanna get married and have kids ?

"I've already planned my daughter and/or son's 18th birthday." 

20. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys?

*finger pistols* "No! Cuz society kinda hates my guts!" *even more finger pistols*

21. What are you most afraid of?

"I physically cannot trust a cat I'm not even sorry I just cannot."

22. What do you usually wear?


Under my clothes :-D "

23. What's one food that tempts you ?

"Does everything count?"

24. Am I annoying you?

"Do you wanna see how many slices of pizza I can fit in my mouWAIT NO WATCH THIS I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS"

25. Well, it's not over yet!

*Tommy's already choking on his fourth slice*

26. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class?

"How dare you label me sir, I'll have you know I served in the marines! Performing several tactical raids agai-Middle class."

27. How many friends do you have?

"Several! And none at the same time! AhahahahaI'msolonelyhahaha"

28. Any thoughts on pie?

"I've already married pie"

30. Favourite drink?


31. What's your favourite place?

"That one place! You know that place right? With the thing and the...thing. You should've been there."

32. Are you interested in anyone?

*Uncomfortably long laughter*

34. If you're a girl, what's your cup size?

"Pssh c-cup no question."

34. Would you rather swim in an ocean or a lake?

"Well considering that I short out in both..."

35. What's your type?

"Ground types ironically! Most of my favorite Pokemon are ground types!"

36. Any fetishes?

"None!....No seriously, I got nuthin'."

37. Seme or Uke?

"What kind of animu weeaboo nonsense"

38. Camping or indoors?


39. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end?


Yeah 29 is missing.


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Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
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